Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday!! Two more days and the weekend is here... yay yay yay!!

It has been rainy and gloomy for the past few days. I am lookin' forward to some sunshine ;)

Here are some things that are brightening up my day...

I'm loving these rompers from Forever 21. I am in love with the jumpers that I have... easy, comfy, and super cute. Perfect for summer!

I'm loving my new color from OPI. Dulche de Leche...

And as always... I'm loving my sweet, sweet hubby :) He has been super busy lately and has been working really hard studying for his final board exam. He takes it in exactly ONE WEEK! I am so proud of him and his dedication... I know his hard work will pay off but extra prayers thrown his way will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ladies ;)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. That nail polish color is so pretty, and I love the name! I frequently buy nail polish or other makeup based on their name, lame, I know!

  2. I love rompers. haha. Happy Wednesday!


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