Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Should Have Known...

There are so many great things about moving... the excitement of a new home, preparing for a new job,  decorating your new place...

But- there are also some not great things about moving... packing, organizing, the stress, waiting for your furniture to arrive...

That is correct folks- our furniture still as not arrived. In fact, it hasn't even left Connecticut! You can imagine my reaction when I learned this news yesterday. We were given an expected arrival date anywhere between July 13-July 24 and when we hadn't heard anything from our moving company by yesterday afternoon, B and I decided we should probably call and get an update.

Well... we were shocked to learn that nothing had been touched since our things were packed up on July 5. All of our boxes and furniture are just sitting in a warehouse in Connecticut collecting dust. I was seriously mad! Not just frustrated- angry. Our "moving coordinator" hadn't even checked on the status of our belongings and had made zero effort to check in with us. Her response to all of this? "We're busy". I kid you not- that was her response to all of our questions:

B- "Is there a reason that our things are still in Connecticut?"
Moving Coordinator- "We're busy."
B- "Why weren't we notified of this delay?"
Moving Coordinator- "We're busy."
B- "Why is a third party company being brought in to move our things?"
Moving Coordinator- "We're busy."

I understand that the summer months are quite busy when it comes to moving. I also totally understand that we are not the only customers that this company is working with. However, I do expect to be kept in the loop of where our things are and if they're going to be late, a phone call should be made. What has happened to simple customer service these days? I honestly would have still been frustrated but the blow would have been softened by someone making a phone call last week and just being honest about the situation. B and I were upset that it took us calling them to find this information out. We hadn't had the greatest time with this particular company (other than the two men who actually came to pack and load our things- they were great! Super nice and efficient!) but this was just icing on the cake. After speaking with 6 different people over a course of seven and a half hours, we still don't know when are things are set to arrive. They were supposed to call this morning with an exact date... we're still waiting.

I can say that I'm super thankful that they are willing to compensate us. They are providing a small amount for us so that we can go get pots and pans, a replacement vacuum, and other odds and ends that we've been going without. Our air mattress, beach chairs, and TV are starting to get old. I'm also not sure how many more cans of soup, PB&J's, and turkey sandwiches the hubby and I can keep eating but we also don't want to spend all of our money on eating out... that adds up quickly!

I tried to not get upset about the whole situation. I get that things happen and mistakes are made but what I don't get is the lack of communication on their end. I just wish we would have known sooner and could have planned ahead. Customer service people... that's all I'm asking for! I really don't think that is too much of a request!

Okay... vent over! I know this is something B and I will probably laugh about down the road- but until our furniture gets here, I'm not laughing! 

Friday, July 20, 2012


This week has been crazy! B has had a couple of days of orientation for his new job, we're making due without all our furniture, starting to look for a second car, and still trying to learn our way around our new place. I've been neglecting my blog and countless other things in my life but it was nice to take some time this morning and catch up on my reading and of course, Pinterest ;) Pinterest still amazes me... so many cute and fun ideas! 

I absolutely adore these Tory Burch sandals:

I'm on the hunt for a new shower curtain to hang in one of our guest baths... I'm thinking something like this would be super cute: 

Love this verse:
 How yummy does this skinny alfredo with spinach look? I can't wait to have all of my pots and pans so I can cook again!

I truly believe this:

Great bag...

Cute iPhone case... perfect for the summer... or Floridian life ;)

If this were my kitchen I would never leave!

Love the touch of chevron and the color combo of navy and pink:

Adorable tunic... this needs to get in my closet!

Hope y'all have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend! I'm looking forward to the sunshine and maybe getting our furniture?!?! One can dream, haha

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're Here!

Well... we made it!

We are officially in Florida and in our home. We've been here 5 days and so far we are loving the Sunshine State. We still don't have our furniture... hopefully the movers will arrive soon. I miss our couch and to be able to cook a homemade meal but at least we have cable and internet! The pups are adjusting and are obsessed with the yard outside. It's so great that they can go out whenever they want... definitely a change from the high rise we were in while in Connecticut. 

We've found a new gym, a few yummy restaurants, and we're slowly starting to learn our way around our new city. 

So far, it's been awesome and memories are already starting to be made!

{Our home!}

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Road... Day 1

Our move has officially begun and I'm already tired! That's probably not good...

We left bright and early yesterday morning and started our drive to Florida but our first stop was in Kentucky so we could visit some friends and family. 

We were on the road for a little under 14 hours and had an uneventful drive... which I am very thankful for! People always wonder if B and I get bored on our drives home or if we fight on long road trips. Honestly no... we don't get too bored and I don't think we've ever argued while sitting next to each other for 14 hours. (Knock on wood!) We usually find ways to entertain ourselves... we belt out tunes and dance ridiculously, we read each other magazines or books, play games, or just talk. Yesterday we entertained ourselves with this audio book:

Hilarious! B and I love, love, love watching "The Office" and she absolutely cracks me up. A sweet friend of mine from Connecticut gave this to me and it was the perfect thing for us to listen to towards the end of our trip. We have one more disc that we're saving for tomorrow's travels.

We made it in safely and for that we are extremely grateful! It was a long day of driving but it is certainly great to be home. We went to a yummy dinner with my family and came home and ate cake from my favorite Kentucky bakery. 

And then... we crashed... we were so beat! But all in all it was a good first day of travel!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday & Happy 4th!

Happy Wednesday lovely ladies but most importantly... Happy 4th of July!


I am so honored and so blessed to live in this wonderful country! It is easy to take for granted but on days like today, I am overwhelmed with passion for the USA. It is such a privilege to live in a place where we are able to celebrate our freedom on a daily basis. I am definitely proud to be an American!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Year in Pictures

This past year has gone by so quickly but it has definitely been a year that has changed my life. B and I have grown much more close since making our big move last summer. We came to Connecticut knowing absolutely no one and knowing very little about our new residence. We are leaving with new and close friends that we will keep for a lifetime and with memories and experiences that we will remember forever. Connecticut will always hold a special place in our hearts and it will be a place that we visit many times in the future. I have soaked up the sites of the Connecticut shoreline, become an avid train passenger traveling to NYC, discovered new friends, been in awe of having Yale's campus as my playground, watched my hubby complete an awesome year of training, experienced my sister's and SIL's first visits up north, and we have gone through many "firsts" of our own. 

Here are some photos that reflect some of our time in this special place:

I am beyond grateful that B and I are on this journey together and that Connecticut was a pit stop along our path. We have really enjoyed our time here but we are very much looking forward to what this next chapter has in store for us.