Monday, August 20, 2012

Headed to My Old KY Home

I am super, super excited to head back home today! I love going back home and visiting KY. Work is bringing me to town but I'll fit in a little play time too ;) And the best part of this upcoming flight- it's direct... thank you Allegiant Airlines! I am forever grateful for no layovers! 

I so enjoy staying and seeing my family and visiting all my spots that only KY can offer! I literally plan my days around all of my favorite restaurants... so sad but so true! 

I of course will miss the hubby and our pups since I'll be gone for a whole week but I'm traveling back  next month and B gets to tag along that trip.  

Stacks of clothes are waiting to be packed and a load of laundry awaits me downstairs- packing is definitely not the fun part of traveling! 

Here I come My Old KY Home- I've missed you! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

I've Been A Little Preoccupied...

I have definitely been laying low here on my blog, not because I haven't had anything to write about but because I had one HUGE thing I wanted to write about but it just wasn't time yet...

B and I are expecting our first, little dash of sparkle this spring! 

What?!?!? Crazy!!!!!

Yes... our thoughts exactly! 

We had only been in Florida for 3 days when we found out and I'm pretty sure we just walked around in a state of shock for a few weeks. This was a big, big surprise but we are beyond thrilled and so excited to begin this journey together. 

And we're so excited that the doctor gave us the green light to shout it from the rooftops- it's been very  hard to talk with friends and not spill the beans. This has been the only thing on my mind and I just couldn't think of anything else that I wanted to write about on here so I figured it was best that I just steer clear of the bloggy world. 

So there it is... come March 16, 2013 our lives will change forever.

We saw our baby for the first time yesterday and I'm certain we're already in love with the little peanut!

Our first family photo:

Each day brings a new mix of emotions- happiness, anxiety, nervousness, fear, joy... but it is seriously the best feeling ever. 

We are so thankful and feel so blessed!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Plans and Some Fun Finds

The hubby is working some long hours this weekend so I get to enjoy a little "me" time over the next couple of days. Besides continuing to get our house organized and get some final boxes unpacked, I'm planning on enjoying this down time.

I picked up some reading material at the book store:

Nothing mind blowing but the perfect chick-lit for the weekend. I love kicking back with a good book and hopefully if this rain holds off, I can relax by the pool with one of these books in my hands :)

A mani/pedi is much needed:

I've had this Essie color ("Fiji") for awhile now so I think I'm finally going to give it a go. 

And now for some fun finds from this past week:

Thank you Anthropologie for this delightful bubble bath and jar of bath salts... they smell divine! I also got a large bottle of soap for the kitchen. I'm kind of obsessed with this stuff!

I discovered this new candle after randomly visiting an antique shop- I walked in and the store smelled so yummy! This scent is "Praline Caramel Sticky Buns" by Keepers of the Light. And... if you're ever in the Winter Park area of Orlando you must stop into the store "French Nest". It is a tiny shop and literally only takes a few minutes to walk through the entire place but it is full of awesome vintage finds. I'm in the process of convincing B that we need a dining table from there as well as a guest bed and a beautiful mirror. They are in great condition and sooo affordable and I love that there is some history behind these pieces of furniture. I am fascinated by antiques and find them so interesting. 

The hubby and I are really enjoying the Sunshine State and getting to know the city more. We love exploring new stores and restaurants- this is us on our way to a dinner date last night. I feel so extremely blessed :) 

Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately...

I have been out of the bloggy world for the last several days. Between unpacking, getting to know our new town, and trying to get in some sort of "routine" my blogging has fallen to the wayside. I will try to do better! 

Here's what I've been up to:

Enjoying the Florida life! So far, we're loving this sunshine and warm weather. And having this as our backyard view isn't too shabby either...

Settling into our new home. There's still boxes laying around and we have furniture we still need to purchase but we're really enjoying our new place and we're finally starting to feel at home. I love these bright flowers that I picked up last week...

Getting to know the wildlife has been interesting! One of our first nights here there was a frog in our garage (not a fan!), I've learned to steer clear of fire ants, and I've found some new friends on my nightly walks...

These birds are huge! I'm not sure that this pic does them justice... they come up to may waist!

Between sneaking in some work here and there I've also become a total Olympic junkie... seriously... between the hours of 8:00pm and midnight just assume my television is on and I'm completely zoned out. Love cheering on the USA! 

Have a Happy Monday!