Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Update

Happy Monday y'all!

This past weekend flew by but it was so so so fun...

My weekend started Thursday night with a lil' Cinco de Mayo celebration. After I finished teaching, B and I went out for a late dinner at our favorite Mexican place. Yum!

Friday was a pretty lazy morning. B had to go into work for a short board review and I had a blonde appointment... thank goodness! That afternoon, B took me out for lunch and then we saw "Something Borrowed". Such a cute movie :)

Saturday morning was an early one filled with Panera, dance recital tickets being purchased, and new bedding shopping. Busy Busy Busy! We stayed pretty low key for the KY derby but we did make a last minute bet over at the Red Mile drive thru. That's right... a drive thru betting window. Ha! It was amazing... not gonna lie ;) We enjoyed watching the greatest two minutes in sports but we did not enjoy losing our $$. Oh well... it was all in good fun. After mourning over our lost cash, we grilled out and watched the first Harry Potter movie... B has NEVER seen any of these movies! It was fun to watch him get into these.

Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY and we had a fun day with my fam. After a yummy dinner we sat around and watched Mallory and her dad race in the final leg of the Amazing Race. Go Mal Go!

We had a great weekend. Looking forward to a productive week and hoping to enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine today!

Have an awesome Monday!

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