Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun Finds

This gal is Sicky McSickerson :(
I woke up with a sore throat, coughing, and no voice!

Glad it didn't hold me back from doing some shopping this past weekend haha ;)

I love wondering aimlessly through the aisles at Sephora and Ulta. I go in with the intention of buying one or two items and I leave adding 500 more things to my wish list. Not good, haha!

Here's some things that I found this weekend that I'm really liking...

A girl can never have too much nail polish ;) I bought two new colors this weekend. Pink-ing of You by OPI and Barefoot and Topless by Essie.

I love when you're at the beach and you've been in the sun and ocean all day. Your hair gets that thick, texturized feel and my waves go on for days. This has all that in a bottle. LOVE!! It's called Beach Blow by blow. It's amazing... my sis got some too ;)

This item is next on my "wish list". Too Faced lip gloss in "Peek A Boo".

And... I'm in love with this perfume. A girl can never go wrong with Chanel!

A few blogs ago I was stressing about closet space in our new apartment. Slowly but surely we are coming up with some solutions. Thankful!

B and I have decided to sell our dresser so that we can get this:

We're getting this new dresser so that it matches this:

Perfect to hang my dresses, skirts, and hang a shoe rack. My pj's and other lady items will go in the drawers below. All that's left in the real closet... my shirts and pants. This frees up A LOT of space for B to store all his clothes... yay!

While doing some browsing on IKEA we found a new couch for our place and a new coffee table. All reasonably priced. But.. we're only getting these if we sell our couch and coffee table that we have now. What we have now just won't work in our new space... BIG funiture, small space. We're happy with we've found and know that we can utilize it wherever we move next and once we buy a home.

I absolutely adore IKEA. They really have everything! I'm excited since there is one only a few blocks away from us, in CT.

I'm sure my "wish list" will continue to grow ;)

Happy Monday y'all!! This girl is going to take a nap and take some meds ;)


  1. yikes a WHITE couch! Oh man, it is pretty but good luck with cocoa hair! We bought a tan couch and I want to take it back.. but it is really pretty.

  2. LOVE that cabinet!! And I want some of that blow stuff! Sounds awesome! :)


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