Monday, May 16, 2011


About 5 weeks until our big move to CT... very excited!

This past weekend I spent some time on the internet researching creative ways to utilize small closet space. Our apartment is great... we love everything about it. Well, almost everything.

The location is perfect, the size is small but totally livable, the kitchen is brand spankin' new, the gym is state of the art... but our closet space leaves much to be desired. Small closet in the entry way and small closet in the bedroom.

I'm not too worried about the closet in our front hall. It will be fine for coats, dog supplies, umbrellas, etc,...

But... our bedroom?!?! That is going to be a task. Time for moi to get creative!

Needless to say, I got a lil' sidetracked while reading articles and scouring through a number of organizational websites.

Look what I found!

I could totally live with the following closets:

Ahhh... perfection!

Maybe in our next home ;)

Happy Monday y'all... and PS... any tips for small bedroom closets is greatly appreciated!

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