Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the winner is...


I just love this kid :) He is obviously extremely talented but I really adored his personality... he always seemed so humble and grateful to be there and to be going through this experience. I can not wait to hear his album. BIG things are in store for him, I'm sure!!

I about died when Carrie walked out...

a) because I love her
b) because she can sing circles around Lauren Alaina... it bugged me all season that people kept comparing the two. Sorry... there is only one Carrie!!
c) and finally because I was so jealous of her legs

Somebody get me on a treadmill and don't let me get off until my legs look like this!!

She is beautiful... and so are her legs ;) OK, now I sound creepy! haha ;)

Happy Thursday ladies... it's almost the weekend!!

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  1. Hannah, I so agree with you on the comparison between LA and Carrie! No one compares to her! And I too envy her legs! Love your blog!


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