Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun, New Workout...thanks to Miss Carrie Underwood!

I found an awesome new workout thanks to this post over at Southern Curls and Pearls. Carrie Underwood is in this month's Self magazine and she shares a workout that she does when she's not with her trainer. Read the post here to get the idea of the workout.

The workout involves a deck of cards. I used my Lilly Pulitzer playing cards, of course ;)

So here's what I did. It's a little different from Miss Underwood's regiment but that is what is so great about this. You can change it up and really make it what you want! Okay...

1) Take a deck of cards and shuffle them really well.

2) Use the whole deck or split them up. I'm using half the deck right now and hoping to work my way up to the whole deck by the end of the month. Baby steps y'all!

3) Make sure there is a Joker in the deck.

4) Assign each type of card an area of the body. For example, I use the following:

Clubs= Arms
Spades= Legs
Hearts= Cardio
Diamonds= Abs
Aces= 1 minute plank
Joker= 10 minute cardio

5) Go through the deck and write out your workout. For example, let's say you flip over the first card and it's the 6 of spades. You could do 6 squats or 6 lunges or 6 reps on your favorite machine. Your next card may be 9 of diamonds so you'll go do 9 regular crunches or 9 reps on an ab machine. Just continue this until you're through the deck.

Starting with a 15 minute warmup on the elliptical, my workouts have taken a little over an hour and that's with me including a 10 minute stretch at the end. Seriously y'all... this workout is the! It kicks your booty but it's fun because you're constantly doing something different and each time you do the workout, it's new because you never know what the cards have in store for you. My card workout from last week is listed below in my Friday workout. I'm anxious to know what y'all think if you try it!

Summer Shape Up
(workouts from last week)

31 minutes on elliptical
3 sets of 12 lat pull downs at 40 lbs
5 sets of 12 pec fly at 25 lbs
2 sets of 25 standing twists with 10 lb medicine ball
4 sets of 25 crunches on stability ball

25 minutes on treadmill

30 minutes on elliptical
2 sets of 10 lunges, Right and Left
3 sets of 25 calf raises
3 sets of 25 standing twists with 10 lb medicine ball
50 crunches on stability ball
3 sets of 12 bicep curls with 10 lb weight
3 sets of 12 reverse tricep extension with 10 lb weight
3 sets of 10 tricep dips

"Card Workout"
15 minute warmup on elliptical
15 reps pec fly
15 crunches on stability ball
5 bicep curls
1 minute plank
13 lat pulldowns
10 standing twists with 10 lb medicine ball
2 minute run on treadmill
10 jumping jacks
4 lat deltoid raises
7 tricep dips
5 minutes on elliptical
13 calf raises
6 squats
9 ab twists on stability ball
8 lunges, Right and Left
2 squats with stability ball
10 reverse tricep extensions
3 bicycles (abs), Right and Left
10 minute walk on treadmill
13 jumping jacks
1 minute plank
10 second wall sit
3 bicep curls on stability ball
6 lat deltoid raises on stability ball
3 crunches on stability ball
4 squats
9 reps pec fly
10 minute stretch
(I told y'all....the "card workout" is a booty kicker!)

40 minutes yoga
5 minutes "Booty Blast"

Have an awesome night, ladies!


  1. This looks like such an awesome idea! It's a great way to add variety to a workout. I love it :)

  2. Yay!! I just saw this... I'm so glad you liked Carrie's workout too! I've been doing it a few times a week and it's SUCH a good workout!


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