Friday, June 17, 2011

Smile, it's Friday!

It's Friday!!!!

I'm so happy the weekend is here... yay :)

My weekend actually started a lil' early. Last night several of the teachers and their families got together for a big cookout and just had a night to relax. SO MUCH FUN!! Recital wore all of us down so it was great to just hang out and not worry about work, students, or costumes ;) We had yummy food and yummy drinks! Have y'all ever had summer beer?!?! I had not... until last night! Thank you Kris for introducing me to a new beverage. I had not even heard of it... not that I'm a big drinker anyways. I'll have the occasional glass of wine when friends are in town or with a meal but other than that, I'm pretty tame. This was yummy yummy yummy... it's beer, vodka, and limeade/ lemonade.

Basically... it was a fun night with fun friends!

Today is a lil' hectic. Lots on the to do list but it's Friday soooo... that makes everything easier.
The hubby only has to work a half day so we'll be spending our afternoon running errands and then heading to his Senior Graduation Banquet tonight. I'm excited to celebrate with B and his fellow residents... they have accomplished so much. Very proud!!

I hope everyone enjoys this sunny day!

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