Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Is In There?

I was carrying my purse the other day and it felt like I was lugging around a small child or two. Good grief my purse was beyond heavy! This morning I decided that it was finally time to clean out my bag and get it a little more organized (and a lot less heavy!)

Then I thought I would just share with y'all what I carry around in le purse on a day to day basis. Blog post plus cleaning equals me killing two birds with one stone.

First of all, here is the purse that I've been using lately:
My Burberry Packable Tote

And here is all the junk I squeeze into my oversized bag:

The Essentials
* Car Keys
* Wallet (includes all the important debit and credit cards, license, checks, and Fro-yo/Panera/Sephora rewards cards)
* iPhone... what did we do before these handy gadgets?
* Lilly Planner... I do not go anywhere without it! My life!

Reading Material
* Bible... always on me!
* My latest novel... currently reading "Maine". So far, so good!
* Current Real Simple mag

Tech-y Stuff
* Flip Camera
*Nikon Digital Camera... for when I don't carry around my D-SLR and for when my phone just won't do
*Something to plug into my car so I can listen to tunes while driving
* Pink headphones... always makes working out just a tad more fun ;)

*Hand cream from my lady Vicki
*Another hand sanitizer because germs outside of my home scare me...true story!

*Hair ties/bobbi pins/headband... a bad hair day is likely to occur and a gal must always be prepared!
*MAC lipstick (pink, of course!)
*Chapstick... only Burt's Bees will do
*Too Faced lipgloss
*Flowerbomb perfume roll

Extra Stuff
*Sunglasses...never leave my purse!
*Fun colored pens to update my Lilly planner ;)
*Extra contacts
*Eye drops...because my eyes are constantly dry! What is the deal?!?!

My purse was desperate for a clean out. I found old receipts, gum wrappers, an empty hand sanitizer bottle, one of the dogs rabies tags (what?!?!), my hubby's old iPod, and who knows what else, haha!

Hope y'all are having a great day!

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