Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all!!

Here's what I'm loving today:

I'm loving my devotionals that I read each day but I especially look forward to my Monday mornings when I get to read this one. Sorry for the grainy pic... not sure what happened but you get the point ;) This is a weekly devotional and I love, love, love the message that it teaches. It's specifically geared towards wives and how we can continue to be a positive example to our husbands and our families. Check it out! Here is a link to Amazon for ya!

I'm loving our new bookshelf that we got last week. We have been keeping our books in a few stacks tucked away in the corner so it was finally time to give them a proper home. We have been very spoiled having an Ikea a couple blocks away from us! And thank you to my hubby for putting this together ;)

I'm loving that my hubby and I actually purchased the complete box set of Dawson's Creek. That's right... we are the proud owners of every episode of Dawson and the gang. We had been joking about starting to collect the series but when we saw the full series for $40 at Target, we knew it was meant to be! We're on Season 2 and loving it!

And as always, I'm loving my sweet, sweet hubby! He is just the absolute best and I couldn't be more prouder to be his wife :)

Hope everyone had a great day!

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  1. It's always fun to have tv/movie marathons! I've only seen one episode, if that, of Dawson's Creek...I might have to hulu that!


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