Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans...

Happy Monday ladies!
This past weekend so was so so SO much fun and... completely random!

My weekend may or may not have included the following:

Fun times with friends

Discovering hummus on my phone... I'm still not sure how this happened?!?!

A trip to a hookah lounge... I told you this was random!

Group hugs in the middle of Chapel St.

A minor laundry injury... never fear, I survived!

Scary movies

A small dance party

High fives

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies

A fresh mani

Falafel sandwiches at 3:00 am... surprisingly yummy! { I'm thinking the hummus may have occurred due to this!}

Completing a book in 1 day

Halloween costume research


Good times if I say so myself :)
Hope y'all had a great weekend too and an even better Monday!!

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