Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

Hey y'all!!
I have been M.I.A for quite for a few days. I just got back last Thursday from a week in my good, ole, Kentucky home :) Work took me there but I was able to spend lots of time with my family as well and it was GREAT!!

AS much as I loved being in KY and seeing friends and family, it was nice to get back to Connecticut and see my hubby :) Missed him lots while I was gone. I flew in late Thursday night and was looking forward to a fun weekend together.

Friday was a lazy day... I got absolutely nothing done other than some reading and catching up on my sleep. I was super busy while I was in KY and I think I can count on one hand how much sleep I got while I was home! Friday night was definitely a relaxed evening with B... it consisted of Chinese takeout and movies on the couch. Perfection!

We were planning on getting up early Saturday morning and heading into NYC but it was rainy and yucky so we decided to stay around New Haven instead. We woke up early and had a breakfast date and then did a little shopping. I found some new finds this weekend that I am really excited about:

Love these earring from Anthropologie. I love them! I also found a cute shirt in the "sale"section but I didn't take a a pic of well!

I'm loving my new makeup remover from Benefit. I had been using some stuff from NARS but I thought it was a little too oily. Love this stuff and I love the packaging. I know... typical consumer but presentation is everything ;)

However... I do love my new foundation from NARS. Not too heavy and a little covers a lot.

Sunday was an AWESOME day!!
B and I went to our first clambake and it was yummy!! Clams, lobster, corn, potatoes, clam chowder, hamburgers, hot dogs,.... it was a great afternoon. The radiology department hosted the event and I'm so glad we went. It was supposed to be rainy that afternoon but the sun was out and it was the perfect way to spend a day by the beach.

I'm super happy to be back home with my hubby and feeling very grateful for our CT life!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and an even Monday :)

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  1. those anthro earrings are amazing! i love them!


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