Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Had to Jump Ship... again!

I'm so thankful for another day filled with lots & lots of sunshine!

I had to jump ship this morning and leave our apartment... again... because of this:

I reported the problem yesterday morning and the only thing that happened was someone came to look at it and they took a picture to show their boss. They left a note saying this but no one ever got back in touch with me to say when they were coming back or what the plan was to resolve this. I'm hoping when I check back in, this afternoon, it's fixed!

I would stick around but our place isn't that big so I figured it was best to just let them to do their thing and for me to stay out of the way. The maintenance people are great, where we live and I trust them but I was kind of hoping that they would have this fixed already. I just don't want any other problems to arise from this leak so I'm hoping waiting 24 hours hasn't damaged anything else. We shall see!

But, like I said... at least it's a gorgeous day to be outside... could be worse!

Oh... and I have to share something I found:

Isn't this just perfect for my blog?!?! I found it very fitting!

Have a great Tuesday ladies.

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