Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Should Have Known...

There are so many great things about moving... the excitement of a new home, preparing for a new job,  decorating your new place...

But- there are also some not great things about moving... packing, organizing, the stress, waiting for your furniture to arrive...

That is correct folks- our furniture still as not arrived. In fact, it hasn't even left Connecticut! You can imagine my reaction when I learned this news yesterday. We were given an expected arrival date anywhere between July 13-July 24 and when we hadn't heard anything from our moving company by yesterday afternoon, B and I decided we should probably call and get an update.

Well... we were shocked to learn that nothing had been touched since our things were packed up on July 5. All of our boxes and furniture are just sitting in a warehouse in Connecticut collecting dust. I was seriously mad! Not just frustrated- angry. Our "moving coordinator" hadn't even checked on the status of our belongings and had made zero effort to check in with us. Her response to all of this? "We're busy". I kid you not- that was her response to all of our questions:

B- "Is there a reason that our things are still in Connecticut?"
Moving Coordinator- "We're busy."
B- "Why weren't we notified of this delay?"
Moving Coordinator- "We're busy."
B- "Why is a third party company being brought in to move our things?"
Moving Coordinator- "We're busy."

I understand that the summer months are quite busy when it comes to moving. I also totally understand that we are not the only customers that this company is working with. However, I do expect to be kept in the loop of where our things are and if they're going to be late, a phone call should be made. What has happened to simple customer service these days? I honestly would have still been frustrated but the blow would have been softened by someone making a phone call last week and just being honest about the situation. B and I were upset that it took us calling them to find this information out. We hadn't had the greatest time with this particular company (other than the two men who actually came to pack and load our things- they were great! Super nice and efficient!) but this was just icing on the cake. After speaking with 6 different people over a course of seven and a half hours, we still don't know when are things are set to arrive. They were supposed to call this morning with an exact date... we're still waiting.

I can say that I'm super thankful that they are willing to compensate us. They are providing a small amount for us so that we can go get pots and pans, a replacement vacuum, and other odds and ends that we've been going without. Our air mattress, beach chairs, and TV are starting to get old. I'm also not sure how many more cans of soup, PB&J's, and turkey sandwiches the hubby and I can keep eating but we also don't want to spend all of our money on eating out... that adds up quickly!

I tried to not get upset about the whole situation. I get that things happen and mistakes are made but what I don't get is the lack of communication on their end. I just wish we would have known sooner and could have planned ahead. Customer service people... that's all I'm asking for! I really don't think that is too much of a request!

Okay... vent over! I know this is something B and I will probably laugh about down the road- but until our furniture gets here, I'm not laughing! 


  1. That is absolutely ridiculous! I'd check with the Better Business Bureau and even make a complaint/comment there about the company. Even though they are compensating you, there is NO reason that you should only be finding out now why you still haven't gotten your belongings!

  2. Too bad you can't be "too busy" to pay them. It seems like some people need to go to the Disney school of customer service. Camping in your living room is an adventure for only so long.

  3. We're moving in the next few months and this story gave me chills, moving is stressful enough! There's nothing worse than having to camp in your new place when all you want to do is get settled! Hoping everything comes home to your new place soon!


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