Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Road... Day 1

Our move has officially begun and I'm already tired! That's probably not good...

We left bright and early yesterday morning and started our drive to Florida but our first stop was in Kentucky so we could visit some friends and family. 

We were on the road for a little under 14 hours and had an uneventful drive... which I am very thankful for! People always wonder if B and I get bored on our drives home or if we fight on long road trips. Honestly no... we don't get too bored and I don't think we've ever argued while sitting next to each other for 14 hours. (Knock on wood!) We usually find ways to entertain ourselves... we belt out tunes and dance ridiculously, we read each other magazines or books, play games, or just talk. Yesterday we entertained ourselves with this audio book:

Hilarious! B and I love, love, love watching "The Office" and she absolutely cracks me up. A sweet friend of mine from Connecticut gave this to me and it was the perfect thing for us to listen to towards the end of our trip. We have one more disc that we're saving for tomorrow's travels.

We made it in safely and for that we are extremely grateful! It was a long day of driving but it is certainly great to be home. We went to a yummy dinner with my family and came home and ate cake from my favorite Kentucky bakery. 

And then... we crashed... we were so beat! But all in all it was a good first day of travel!

Until next time...


  1. Glad you are having a good trip. I love road trips with my husband! It is good quality time to chat and catch up not distracted by anything because it's just me, him, and the road. : )

  2. If there is anything better than reading Mindy's book, it would be listening to her read it. Perfect for long roadtrips!


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