Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday ladies! It's time for another link-up with Miss Jamie... here's what I'm loving today:

I'm currently loving everything J. Crew. They have got some super cute stuff out these days and I'm pretty sure I've visited their website 100 times over for the past 2 weeks! Now if only my bank account would magically increase ;)

I'm loving this amazing eye cream from Benefit. When I'm tired or lacking in the sleep department, the first thing that gives me away is my skin and especially the dark circles under my eyes. "It's Potent!" works miracles! I put it on once a day and poof... no more dark circles! I have noticed a huge difference.

I'm loving my nail color "Charged Up Cherry". So fun and perfect for summer.

I'm loving some of my Pinterest finds this week:

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And, as always, I'm loving my sweet, sweet hubby. He is in his last full week at work and is counting down the days till we start our drive to Florida! I can't believe we're moving so soon!

Hope y'all have an awesome day!


  1. I love the exodus verse and well, all your pins. Lol. Super cute blog. Visiting from

  2. Love that nail color...may have to try that soon! Stopping by from WILW!

  3. i love jcrew!! those outfits you posted are so cute. and i need to find that cherry opi polish love that color! such a fun summery color to wear on my nails

  4. I have that polish on now - love it. I can not wait to hear about the move. Good Luck!!!

  5. The phrase "you look like you just stepped out of a j crew catalogue" will always equate to classic style and I don't think it's going away any time soon thankfully.

  6. i love that navy jcrew dress. and that kitchen is amazing!!


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