Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update!

Hey y'all and Happy Monday! Hopefully there is sunshine and beautiful weather where you are because it is nothing but hot and rainy where I'm at... not the best way to start off the week. 

But I certainly can't complain about my weekend...

I came back to the apartment Thursday night and found this guy sitting on my couch:

My friend Shawn surprised me for a weekend visit and I was so excited! B knew all about it... they had been planning it for about a week. I was shocked that the hubby actually kept a secret from me, haha. It was a fun weekend for sure. We grabbed dinner Thursday night and while B was at work Friday, Shawn and I enjoyed the day together walking around town and catching up. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous so we spent the afternoon in Greenwich. It such a cute town and the shopping ain't too bad either ;) Later that night we headed out to meet a group of our pals at a local bar/tavern. I'm so happy that Shawn was able to meet most of our Connecticut friends and it was so great to see them over the weekend. We only have a couple more weeks together...  boo :( This week is B's last full week of work... so crazy! Anyways... Sunday was a super lazy day with a few errands thrown in.

A successful and fun weekend for sure, especially after having such a busy week last week. I'm just so thankful for great friends and for out year up here in New England. 

Have a great Monday! 

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