Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Shape Up!

Hey ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted about my workouts but that doesn't mean that I haven't been working hard ;) I've switched some things up and I actually have a new workout/meal plan to share with ya...

If you've been interested in strength training, this is the workout for you! It's great, it's challenging, and you get results. I'm on Day 23 and I'm really loving this strength training guide. My SIL actually introduced me to it and I was hooked. Now... there are a few things that I don't follow in this training program. The first thing is the meal plan. It's pretty bad. I mean, who in the world wants to eat 5 egg whites every morning for breakfast for 90 days?!?! Umm... not me! I've just tried to make an overall healthy change in my diet. It seems to be working pretty well so I'll just stick to my own diet plan ;) Next... I don't always do all the exercises. Depending on what equipment you have available you may or may not be able to do every single exercise but sometimes there are tabs to click over and see an alternate exercise. I also sometimes do more than what the exercise calls for, especially when it comes to abs. I love core exercises so 30 crunches a week just ain't gonna cut it. Oh... I almost forgot about the NO CARDIO in the first 30 days... that's crazy! I still do cardio... I must get some time in on the elliptical or go for a long walk/run outside or else I would go crazy. But, that's what I love about this program. You can pretty much do what you want with it and still see results. It's introduced me to new workouts and it's a great guide to work on your arms, back, abs, and legs. It's definitely worth checking out!

And about once a week, I still do my "card workout" thanks to this pretty lady...

You can go here to read about this workout. It's awesome! 

So far, my workouts have been great and I've noticed a difference in my strength, endurance, and on the scale! I'm always looking for new and fun ways to workout so please, please, please email me if you have any suggestions. I get bored doing the same stuff so I'm always trying to switch it up! 

Have a fabulous day ladies!

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  1. I just read about this workout and thought about trying it-but I can't cut out running either! I have a few workouts on my blog and I find some on Pinterest too!


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