Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moi's Travel Tips

February is super busy and is jam packed with lots of travel for yours truly. I head out Thursday to meet my mom and sis in Orlando. My sis is competing with her high school dance team at UDA Nationals. ( This is the same dance team that I coached for two years before I moved so I'm super pumped to see my girls!). After Florida, it's off to Kentucky for a couple choreography jobs, some guest teaching, two weekends in Cincy for dance competitions, and, when the hubby joins me, head with him on a couple interviews in the area. When it's all said and done, it's time to pack up and make the long drive back to Connecticut. I just wore myself out thinking about all of this, haha! It's going to be a lot but it should be lots of fun plus it will be great to be back home for a couple of weeks and see family and friends :)

Anyways... the past couple of years have been full of a lot of traveling either by plane or by car and since this next month is filled with jet setting and road trips I figured I would pass along some travel tips that I've picked up along the way.

I used to be the queen of overpacking! Okay, maybe the princess because I'm pretty sure my mom is the queen. Since I've started traveling more, and especially flying more, I've had to learn that 10 pairs of shoes and a million "extra" outfits just aren't necessary. I've learned to pack only the essentials and to seriously pack light. There is no need to pay extra $$$$ for my luggage to be over the 50 pound weight limit.

~ I color coordinate pretty much everything and choose a color theme that I will use throughout my entire trip. It's usually black or more neutral colors like chocolate or beige. If I can get away with leggings for an entire trip I throw in a few pairs and I'm good to go. Seriously... leggings are my best friend when traveling. Comfy and easy to pack.

~ I pack things that I can mix and match and get away with wearing twice. By doing this I pack less clothes and I am able to pack more accessories like scarves, necklaces, and a hat or two. It's amazing how accessorizing can change an entire outfit.

~ My carry on is jam packed! If you can get away with just a carry on and not checking a bag, more power to you! I just can't but I do utilize my carry on as much as possible. I mean... we're limited to our purse plus one carry on so my "carry on" is a large bag full of things I know I'll need. I make sure to throw in any meds I may need, extra contacts and contact solution, my glasses, and an extra outfit. My luggage has been lost more times than I can count and having an extra cardigan or fresh shirt always helps after a long day of traveling. I also keep my laptop in a case within my carry on, an extra phone charger, lotion (in a plastic bag), hand sanitizer, and any books and mags. And of couse my essentials: wallet with ID, cash, and credit cards, my phone, all receipts for luggage, boarding tickets, etc,...


Some things I learned the hard way:

~ Get to the airport early. The last time I flew, I literally pulled up to the airport less than an hour before my flight took off. Umm... oops! It was early and my bed sounded so much nicer than making the hour drive to the airport. Lesson learned! If you can... arrive at least an hour and a half to two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Those security lines are either way short or way long... usually the latter ;)

~ Check in online! Technology these days is absolutely amazing. Take advantage of online check in. I love that the night before my flight all I have to do is log in, check in, pay for my checked luggage, and then flip my computer closed. It's seriously that easy. When you get to the airport the next day, all you have to do is drop off your bags and head to the security line. Easy peasey!

~ Lay off the heavy jewelry. We all love our necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches but just go ahead and pack them in your checked bag or carry on because the chances that you'll have to take it all off for security is pretty high. It makes traveling a little easier on you and I am all about keeping things easy.

Travel & Beauty

Traveling can do all sorts of crazy things to our skin and immune systems. I'm the type of person that always gets a sore throat or dry eyes or some sort of cold when traveling. I've had to learn what works for me, my skin, and my health.

~ Moisturize! I can not say this enough... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The night before I hop on a plane I do a really intense moisturizing regiment. It feels great, it refreshes my skin, but most importantly it prepares it for that long day ahead. I keep a bottle of lotion in my purse that is good for my face and hands. My hands always get dry when traveling so I just throw a bottle of lotion in my purse or carry on and try to treat myself every now and then.

~ Drink lots of water! I am a diet coke addict but water, especially before and during travel is absolutely essential! On flights, when we're served our drinks I still treat myself to a diet coke but only if I have water as well. If I have time before my flight, I try to run in and grab a bottled water to keep with me. On road trips, bottled water is always important to sip on. We eat so poorly while traveling (well, I do!) so at least water will keep us hydrated ;)

~ Reapply your lip balm! Just like my hands, my lips tend to get super dry so lip balm is always a good thing to keep handy. If you get dry, itchy eyes, don't forget your eyedrops either!

~ We all want to look cute and like a movie star when we travel but go easy on the makeup when you're flying. It's actually worse for your skin, when flying, to apply tons of makeup. So keep it light. I usually do a primer, foundation with a little powder, mascara, and lip gloss. Clean, simple, and better for our beautiful faces!

~ Speaking of our faces... keep your hands off your face! Think about how many germs we come in contact with while traveling. Do you want that on your face? Didn't think so ;) It's hard to not touch your face but try to keep your hand sanitizer in close reach so you can get some of those germs off of you!

~ Get plenty of rest! The night before I travel is always the most stressful but it is so important to get a good amount of zzzzz's in the nights leading up to your flight or road trip. Traveling is tiring and takes a lot out of you but if you're well rested, it can be a breeze.

What are some of your best travel tips?

Have a great day ladies!

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