Friday, January 6, 2012

And it begins...

When we moved to Connecticut last summer, we knew we would be here for at least a year and that anything after B's fellowship was, well...something we would deal with later, haha. Y'all... "later" has arrived! B began his job search right before the holidays and started getting in touch with practices that may be hiring come summer 2012. He got a few leads, submitted his CV to quite a few different places, references were called, and our hopes were up. By the middle of December we kind of hit a wall. The holidays are always a busy time for everyone so we figured people were in and out of work and it was time to set the job thing on the shelf until the beginning of the year. I don't know if any of y'all have an issue with this, but being patient is super hard! I am such a planner and love to be somewhat organized. Last minute plans drive me crazy and not having some sort of "agenda" to follow puts me in all kinds of disarray. You can imagine my excitement when B told me that he was offered an in interview! And you can imagine my OCD kick in when he told me that they wanted to meet with him in 2 weeks and gave us no further travel info or definite dates.

Between all of our excitement, bewilderment, and more patience, everything has been set and all travel arrangements are to be finalized Monday morning. Our first stop on my hubby's interview tour is...

Tampa, Florida!

B has had his eye on Tampa for so long so I know he is super pumped for this opportunity! I am so,so,so happy for him :) I have never been to Tampa but B has and he loves it. Now we all know that I'm a southern girl at heart so getting back south where warm weather reigns supreme is fine by me. I remember when B first introduced the idea to go to Tampa. I was totally hesitant but the more reading I've done on the city, the more excited I got about adding it to "our list". Yes... we have a "list" of places we'd like to be and possible settle down. Tampa is high on that list ;)

All I've been thinking about since last night is being to able to get away and escape to some warm sunshine for a bit. My spring/summer clothes have been packed away for a few months now but it looks like I get to pull out a few numbers for our little visit. I can not wait! I love experiencing a new city and traveling to new places but I'm really excited for B to learn more about this awesome opportunity.

These pics from Pinterest have definitely sparked some Florida love in my heart:

I posted something about the start to our new journey on FB and I was so pleased when one of B's aunts commented about how I am an "amazingly adaptable woman". I take a lot of pride in being a supportive wife and truly making myself adaptable to where my hubby needs to be for his work right now. Carol...thank you for your sweet comment! It made me smile :) It is not always easy to put someone else in front of our own wants but this gal has a few business ideas of her own and I know that in God's time everything will work and that B will be there for me. For now, I just gotta keep being patient!

Have a fabulous Friday ladies!

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  1. Awesome news!!
    Our men definitely need adaptable and supportive wives...
    Please keep us updated :)


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