Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Review!

It is no secret that I love to read. I mean...I really love to read! To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book. I'm totally that person that when I finish a book, I feel kind of sad...well, until I throw myself into another book and repeat the cycle all over again, haha. So I thought, "What better than to start a little book review on my blog"? I thought this would be a great way to share what I'm reading with y'all and for us to swap recommendations and what not. So here goes...my first book review!

I honesty had no intention (or desire) to read this series. That was until I saw the trailer for the movie a few months ago. It looked totally awesome! Pretty much everyone that I know has read the books and I am certain I'm one of the last one to hop on the bandwagon but, oh well, haha. Girls...it is AH- MAZING! I seriously could not put the first book down. Really. I'm not kidding. I'm not exaggerating. I started it last Thursday afternoon and 24 hours later I made my hubby drive to the closest Barnes and Noble so I could get the rest of the series. I love Amazon but I had to have the books in my possession that night...I may have been slightly dramatic but I was hooked by "The Hunger Games". Suzanne Collins has such a beautiful, powerful, intense way of writing. 10 pages into the first book and I automatically felt so attached to the main character, Katniss. Collins' descriptions are so believable that you feel the pain, agony, happiness, fear, and hope that the characters feel. I got so lost in Collins' words and so wrapped up in the characters world. As soon as I finished the first book I immediately started the second, "Catching Fire". The beginning was great, picking right back up where we left off with the previous book. I found parts of the storyline a little repetitive until right in the middle an unexpected twist totally drew me back in again. The last 150 pages or so were such a surprise for me...I never saw it coming but I'm so glad Collins found a way to make this story continue to grow. These books are truly one of a kind and could possibly be one of my favorite series. I don't even know how to describe them. So creative, so groundbreaking. I read the "Twilight" series and I liked them (much better than the movies!) but I never got caught up in them like I have with "The Hunger Games". Y'all...run to your nearest bookstore and pick up the first book...you won't regret it!

Here is the movie trailer that drew me in. I am hoping that the movie is just as good as the books. Based on the trailer, it doesn't look like it will disappoint! I've seriously watched this like a million times...counting down the days until it comes out! I'm such a loser ;)

My next book review will be on "Mockingjay", the final book in the series. I started it this morning and literally had to pry myself away from it so I could be somewhat productive today, haha!

Have any of you read the books? If so, what did you think?
Have a great day ladies!

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  1. Ok so I'm pretty sure that I'm the last one on this bandwagon. I've seen all the hype over these books but I just don't get it. But I did just watch the trailer you posted for the first time and it looks really good!! So I may be going out and buying that book now :)


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