Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Update


Happy Monday y'all!

Hope everybody had an awesome weekend and enjoyed some down time. I know mine flew by.

Friday was a relaxing day for me. I had a blonde appointment (yay!!), caught part of the Cats 1st tournament game (new SEC champs baby!!), spent some time with my mom and sis, took a quick shopping trip to a cute boutique, and ended the day with dinner and a movie at home with the hubs.

Saturday morning was an early one. My good friend, Rachel, asked me to come and judge a pageant for her so after grabbing a big ol' diet coke from Chick Fil A (and maybe some chicken minis too!!), I was on the road and had a fun afternoon of judging. Of course it's not truly a road trip unless Google maps gets you lost...which happened to me. Ha ;)
After making it back home, B and I went on a bike ride for a bit. B is quite the cyclist. He rides to work all the time and could go ride 50+ miles and not be bothered by it. I made it about 10 miles...and I was whooped. Sidenote: I had not been on my bike since there's my excuse! We did a trail, here in town, and after the first big climb I thought my legs were going to fall off. I am lame! But it was fun to spend some time together and get some exercise in for the day.

Sunday was a busy day for me as well. I was at the studio for a big chunk of the day working on some choreography. I got a lot done and after I was finished, B treated me to Orange Leaf :)
We spent the rest of the evening hanging with my fam, watching Amazing Race, and eating one of my mom's yummy meals.

Like I flew by way too fast but here we go...gearing up for another week!!

Also...I know it is not the best show on television but I'm totally hooked on this season's "The Bachelor". The show definitely has its moments where I'm disgusted by what I'm watching but I just love Miss Emily and think she is the most genuine, sweet, beautiful young lady inside and out. I am TOTALLY Team Emily!! haha ;) I'm secretly counting down to tonights finale.

Have a great rest of the day y'all!!

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