Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Excited!

I woke up this morning just feeling know those days where your body feels exhausted and you have a headache and nothing sounds better than crawling back in bed and snuggling up in those warm sheets?

Well...this morning was one of those mornings!
I took the hubs to work, came home, fixed some toast, fed the pups, put in a load of laundry , and just started feeling really tired again.

I decided that I would "rest" for just "a few minutes" before hopping in the shower and then head off to my Precept class. Well that turned into a couple more hours of sleep...whoops! I hated missing my class but I'm telling you...I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I'm actually kind of thankful that I was able to have a morning to just sleep. This week has not been particularly busy but I have been going to bed late and getting up early the past few mornings.

Late nights + early mornings = tired Hannah

Since my random morning of beauty sleep, I have been keeping busy by doing laundry, running errands, laundry, errands, and more laundry...

I'm really starting to get excited about mine and B's anniversary trip! This week has seemed like it has just been dragging on and on and on...I'm so ready for a vacay with my hubby! Can not wait!

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But...I love my hubby and I'm just ready for a week off!!

Haha...alright, back to my laundry and to make a few new CD's for our road trip. Then a few hours at work and then...Spring Break begins!

Have a great day y'all :)

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