Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming Soon!

Being a Biblical Wife in a Modern World

I am super excited to begin writing a weekly blog entry dealing with all things we Christian gals struggle with as wives. How do we maintain our Biblical faith and values while living in this modern world? It's tough and challenging but there are ways for us to prosper.

Every Monday morning I'll deal with a different topic that I currently struggle with or have struggled with in the past. I'm a pretty straight forward person and don't have too much to hide. I plan on letting it all hang out... well, most of it ;)

I am not an expert on marriage or being a wife. My hubby and I have only been married a little over 2 1/2 years and I still have a lot to learn. I am still growing in my faith and am constantly learning new things about God and His Word. That's the main reason for these new, weekly posts; to share what I'm going through in my marriage and what I'm going through as a young, Christian wife. I know there are probably several other ladies who go though the same things I do so I thought, "Hmm... I should blog about this"! There will Bible verses, encouraging quotes, and hopefully lots of other study tools to help us grow as young women who walk with Christ. I hope y'all stop by and take a glance and please, please, please leave a comment and/or email me! I'm hoping this brings lots of fellowship for us modern women.

My first post for Being a Biblical Wife in a Modern World (BWMW) will be this coming Monday. I hope to hear from you then!

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