Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Dear Santa,

I first want to say that I am well aware that Christmas is not about receiving gifts. It is about celebrating Jesus' birth and about the gift of giving to others. However, if you and your reindeer happen to fly over KY and want to drop off a few things for this girl, my list is below ;)

I could really use some new lounge/yoga gear from my girl Vicky... Pink collection please!

Bath and Body Works seem to constantly have a sale of some sort. I believe it's "buy3 ,get 3" right now. Santa, you could knock out me and my sis in one visit. She'll take "Warm Vanilla Sugar" and I'll take "Forever Sunshine". Ladies... awesome scent! It's my "go to" for everyday wear.

I am constantly in need of something from Sephora. You can never wrong with a gift card. I already know so many items that I could put it towards. A new Clarisonic brush head, new makeup brushes, new lip gloss... you get the picture ;)
I love to cook and I love Paula Deen. Nuff said!

For a tiny gift to shove into a stocking, this little jar of heaven would be perfect.
My mom always gets me the new Nicholas Sparks book each Christmas. I'm going to go ahead and assume that this will be waiting for me under the tree ;)

Santa... can you send this pic to the hubby? He may need an extra hint or two. haha!

Time to restock on some "Flowerbomb". My absolute favorite perfume! Absolutely divine and I'm in need of a new bottle... I ran out a while ago and I miss it... Santa?

Now, Santa... this gift is totally practical! Our skillet is totally dead. It bit the dust and I've been pining at a new pan set for quite some time. A Calphalon Non Stick Stainless Steel set would look so pretty in our kitchen. And it benefits me and the hubs ;)

In all seriousness though... I'm really looking forward to being home for the holidays and being able to see my family and catch up with friends. It has been an incredible year and I can not wait to celebrate Christmas in KY!

Have a great day ladies!


  1. Great list! :)

    I didn't realize Lush had scrubs.....that's good to know. haha


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