Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all! Time for another link up with Miss Jamie... here's some things that I'm loving today:

I'm loving the following quote that I ran across. It is a perfect reminder for the holiday season :)

Blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.
~Elizabeth Bibesco~

I'm loving my crock pot. Great for soups, easy meals, and even a warm batch of hot chocoloate. I tried a yummy chicken and rice dish last night. Check out the recipe here. Tomorrow night... potato soup!

I'm loving that our holiday cards are on the way! I was a little behind in ordering this year... oopsie! Minted has some great cards for all year long and cute, cute, cute stationary, journals, calendars, invitations, etc,... Receive $25 off your order here!

I'm loving my early Christmas present to myself... my new Lilly planner. I am in love with these planners and I don't know what in the world I would do without it. Something has keep this gal in order ;) Free shipping until December 25!

I'm loving that I not only tried but mastered the sock bun. You Pinterest girls know what I'm talking about ;) So, so, so easy and super cute. I wore it all day and took it down late last night and my head was full of curls and waves. I totally did it again today!
{Please excuse the cell phone quality pic!}

Speaking of Pinterest... here are some of my fav finds from this week. You can follow my pins here.

And, as always, I'm loving my sweet, sweet hubby!

Have a fabulous day ladies!

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  1. I think sock buns are so pretty! Was it hard to do?


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