Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all! Time for another link up with Miss Jamie. Here's what I'm loving today:

I'm loving that the VS Fashion Show was last night. I always enjoy seeing what fun, creative concepts they come up with and last night did not disappoint!


I'm loving some of my Pinterest finds from this week. Are y'all as obsessed as I am with this site?!?! I spend WAY too much time pinning but there are so many fun ideas and great pics. I just can't resist ;) I found an interesting craft that I think hubby and I are going to try. I'll report back. Follow me on Pinterest here.

And, as always, I'm loving my sweet, sweet hubby. I have been so spoiled this week. His work/call schedule has been awesome. The only real, full day he has to work is Friday! I wish every week was like this, haha ;)

Have a great day ladies!!


  1. That last picture is so cute of you guys! And I love the VS show too, except it made me want to run 50 miles every day. I also need to grow a foot too. =)

  2. Those boots are AMAZING! I need them! I loved the VS fashion show too, it was awesome!

  3. Ah I love your pins! That red dress is soooo pretty! :)


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