Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday and y'all know what that means... another link up with Jamie :)

Here's what I'm loving today:

I'm loving that B and I are heading out on a road trip bright and early tomorrow morning. We're heading to my home state of KY! It's going to be a long drive but nothing that a few books, magazines, and an awesome playlist can't help ;) I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my family... B hasn't seen them since we moved in the summer! We're celebrating Thanksgiving a little early since we'll be in CT over the holiday. The timing of this is perfect... we get to hang out and catch up with friends and family and B gets to take what is hopefully his last medical exam for a while. I have the upmost faith that B will pass with flying colors... he has been working and studying so hard! I'm glad we get to relax a bit at home before his big day :)


I'm loving all the inspiring things that I stumble upon on Pinterest! I mean... what did we do with our time before Pinterest?!?! haha ;)

One of my favorite verses...

So true...

A great reminder... so much to be grateful for!
One of my all time favorite quotes...

The little things make up the big things in life...

And as always, I'm loving my sweet, sweet hubby :) Please send up an extra prayer or two for our safe travels and for him just to stay confident for his exam! He is so dedicated and I could not be prouder of him!

Happy Wednesday y'all!!
Have a great day :)


  1. Hope you guys have a great time in Kentucky! I love those pinterest finds. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Enjoy your time!! I'll be sure to send some prayers his way during his big exam.
    I'm sure you're ready for it to be over with too!!

  3. cute blog!

    i love those signs, especially the one about faith in his timing, that is something I have been struggling with the last couple of years :)

  4. Love all those quotes! And I also love your blog, I'm your newest follower! :)

  5. I LOVE the Kentucky sign. I'm from KY too and would LOVE to have that!!!

  6. so do I sound redundant?.... Where are the Halloween pictures? :-)

    Have fun in KY!


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