Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unlikely Places

I knew when I married B that I was in for some traveling around and a few years of having to be adaptable. I knew he had to finish his residency and I knew that he wanted to go outside of my home state for his fellowship. Well, here we are... a few months into the fellowship and another job search has begun. God led us to Connecticut for a reason and I am positive it was to surround B with the best training possible. B has had an amazing experience since his fellowship began. He has excelled in performing procedures, he has thrown himself into awesome research projects, and he was nominated to be chief fellow. If he had chosen to go into another program, these things may not have happened. Only God is responsible for the blessings we have had since we moved here. We have grown comfortable with our group of friends and we have finally "settled in". Will we stay here? Who knows... a potential offer is there. We're interested in keeping our options open. We love the south but there is a part of us that would love to travel out west. Resumes have been sent, calls have been made, and now interest in B has circulated. He had a phone call, from a group out west, and I was proud as I sat and listened to him talk with such ease and confidence. I love that he loves what he does. I am certain that the right group will recognize this and will want to scoop B up in a hot second. Jobs right now are hard to come by in this economy so we've had to expand our horizon a bit and look into places that maybe we wouldn't have looked into otherwise. Hence... some practices out west ;) But this is such an exciting time! Not really knowing where we're headed but trusting that God has a plan for us. After B got off the phone tonight there was such a "kid like" giddiness between us. The fun of having a potential offer in a place that we may not have considered otherwise. When I saw the quote above, I felt such a sense of joy. It's so true... "secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places". I so look forward to unwrapping the secret that God has in store for us... no matter where we may be!

Have a great night ladies!!

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