Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

I have never been more excited to see the weekend! Okay... that may be a tad dramatic but this past week has been a bit crazy so I'm more than ready to celebrate this 3 day weekend :) Between dealing with the water damage in the apartment, our AC going out, and lots of errands and work related craziness... B and I are ready to enjoy some quality time with each other and with friends.

I have to give a quick shout out to a new blog that I discovered this morning. French Mademoiselle. I'm in heaven! I'm currently obsessed with Paris and this blog fulfills all things french and beautiful :) She also has a second blog dedicated to yummy french food! Check her out... lots of pics, furniture, pastries, etc,...

This weekend should be a good one. We're getting our weekend started off by going out with some friends... I'm ready to un-wind with a glass of wine in my hand and lots of laughs. Saturday morning I'm hoping to make it to a free yoga class down the street from us. It's a great, new studio and every other week or so they offer all kinds of free classes. Sunday, B and I decided to throw a lil' impromptu Labor Day shindig at our pool. Should be fun :) I'm just praying the rain holds off... I'm craving some sunshine! I'm happy B will be home on Monday so we can have a lazy day together. What are your Labor Day plans?

Have a safe and happy weekend ladies!

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  1. mmm, Well john is going to study and I am unpacking boxes... but it is sunny here! Have fun!


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