Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Ramblings

First of all... Happy Friday! This four day week has totally thrown me off but has gone by so quickly! The hubs and I started our weekend a little early last night. We headed around the corner with some friends and watched the NFL Kickoff game. Great game to start off the season! I found myself so excited that football was back. It means fall is here! Tailgating, good food, and good friends :) We had a great time last night!

I am already getting anxious about some new arrivals that will headed by way soon!

The other night I ordered two new scents for my Scentsy. Check out their website here. They have some great stuff and I'm so happy about my new fall scents. I just love the smells of fall and winter! I ordered "Pumpkin Roll" and "Autumn Sunset".

If you haven't checked out Marley Lilly recently, do so immediately! They have some of the cutest monogrammed items :) I currently have several of their items on my wish list and they have a ton of gift ideas.

I love this cute towel wrap!

They have a bunch of super cute and fun cell phone covers. You can also request to have an added "pocket" on the back. Then when you're headed out for a night on the town you just stick you credit card and ID inside and you're good to go! Doesn't change the look too much either. Cute and practical... I think I need this haha!

I'm always looking for a fun scarf/pashmina. They have lots of colors to choose from!

I'm loving this sweatshirt pullover too. I'm thinking I need a navy one for all the Yale football games ;)

I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my hubby this weekend. He has had a busy week and he's on call next weekend so we're trying to fit in some "quality time" with each other. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so I'm thinking a trip to the beach might be in order ;) And maybe Sunday afternoon will call for some pool time as well. I'm trying to soak up as much sun as possible before the cool weather is in full force up here. I know some of our time will be spent watching season 4 of Mad Men. If you have not seen an episode please go watch the first one NOW! Great show... but you have to watch it in order from the very beginning or you will be completely lost... trust me... I have made this mistake! It's so well written and the actors are awesome! I'm obsessed with Betty Draper's closet!

Have a fun and restful weekend ladies!


  1. I've always wanted to get into Mad Men! This rainy weather might be good for something!
    I am quickly stocking up quite a Marley Lilly wish list and gift ideas too.
    Enjoy your weekend with the hubby!

  2. I have been craving buffalo wings... but I just bring myself to do it when I know I ate DOUGHNUTS for breakfast... oh well, maybe tomorrow after church... you have to have wings during football!


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