Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Update

This past weekend went by way too fast...

Friday morning started off with my sweet hubby making a yummy breakfast! It was so nice outside so we did some yard work for a bit before deciding to get the grill going, for a late lunch/ early dinner. The pups got a haircut and then got a good 3 mile walk around the neighborhood.

By that night I was whooped and wanted nothing more than to cuddle up on the coach with a big ol' diet coke and maybe some of these.....

Have you gals had these?!?! Ummmm.... they're amazing!

I spent a couple of hours at the studio Saturday morning... the kids have a competition next weekend! I'm glad I left work when I did though. A huge thunderstorm rolled through the bluegrass early that afternoon. As soon as it cleared up, B was ready to go do a little car shopping. His residency is getting ready to come to an end and what better way to celebrate than with a new car?!?! Well... we may not get a new car that soon ;) We're just in the initial stages of looking and pricing... and maybe a lil' test driving. We had a fun afternoon together and it just made us more excited about B's upcoming fellowship and all the exciting things ahead. I'm beyond blessed for all these opportunities! We enjoyed a fun dinner at our fav Mexican restaurant that night.

Sunday was such a GORGEOUS day!! Oh my goodness... 83 degrees and sunny. B took advantage of this weather by getting his bike out and going for a long ride. I, however, did not participate in this activity. Instead, I lounged outside, soaked up some sun ,and started reading a new book :) When B returned, we fixed lunch and gave my car a much needed bath... it's been way too long! The rest of the day consisted of catching the last couple of hours of the Master's, having a random power outage, and getting the grill fired up again.

All in all... a great weekend! Happy Monday y'all!

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