Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vent Session...

I just need a moment here ladies.

I'm not usually one to come on here and just vent and be negative but... sometimes it happens and today is just one of those days.

I'm having a bit of an issue with my girl Vicki and that lil' store of hers...

Please understand... I love Victoria's Secret and all the fab things that store has to offer. I mean, half the time I go in for one thing and $100 later my bag is full of lotion, tee's, sweats, and who knows what else!

But... I feel like they're pushing the boundaries a bit with this new line that they're selling.

This past weekend I was out of town with my mom and sis, for a dance competition, and to kill some time one day we decided to do a lil' shopping. The mall wasn't anything to write home about but they did have a pretty big Victoria's Secret and it was time to re-stock on some sprays and lotion.

{Please keep in mind that my sis is only 14 years old...}

We're walking around and looking at all the cute "PINK" stuff... the cute tanks, the shorts, sweats, yoga pants, etc,...

Then we come across the following:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

This was not even the worst of it. There were several suggestive shirts/tanks that read:

***Stay the Night

***I'm Naked Under This Shirt

***Let's Get it On

***I Get Around

And then they were proudly displaying undies that read:

***Just Visiting

***Come Visit Soon

***Take A Trip

***Hello There

So here is my point... What are they thinking? The "PINK" line is directed towards girls in middle school all the way to gals like myself... 20's, married...

Why would they promote this kind of behavior to girls and entice them with this type of clothing?!?!

I do not want my sis seeing that or being persuaded by such suggestive material.

I know I wasn't perfect in high school and college... I had boyfriends, went to parties, told the occasional lie to get out of trouble but for the most part I made smart decisions and led a fairly "normal" teenage/ college life. I kept myself involved in school, made good grades, danced almost everyday, and had a pretty good sense of time management. Why is Victoria's Secret trying to get these young girls to make silly decisions and condone poor judgement? Is it really okay for a girl to wear a shirt that says "Let's Get it On"? I mean... hello?!?! Clearly we all know what this is implying!

I'm usually such a fan of Vicki and her cuteness... great stuff for day, night, and all those fun weekend errands but they really missed the mark on this one. I'm disappointed in what they are promoting to young girls. Instead of just doing what they were doing, they are now glorifying sex and making it seem "cool".

As I said earlier... I am FAR FROM PERFECT! I made mistakes... dumb mistakes, stupid mistakes, mistakes I regret and I thank the good Lord above that He has saved me from my sins and has shown me a better path full of His grace and His light.

I certainly hope that I have not offended anyone!

Let's just hope that parents and their young ones do not buy into this marketing and all this goes away so that I can be proud to shop at Vicki's again ;)

I'm glad this vent session is over.... now on to tackle the rest of my day!!

Have a fab day ladies :)


  1. AMEN to that! you are so right...it's getting ridiculous. It almost scares me to ever have a daughter and know what is being suggested to her!

  2. I couldn't imagine my parent letting me wear this when I was a teenager...heck, I wouldn't even wear it now and I'm an adult! :)

  3. I totally agree with you! I feel like society today has really placed an emphasis on sexiness and has really geared it towards teenagers.


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