Monday, November 26, 2012

25 Week Bump Update!

Oh my goodness... I'm already 25 weeks along! Time is flying by- this baby will be here before we know it!

How Far Along? 25 weeks- almost finished with my 2nd trimester!

Weight Gain? 15 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes? Heck no! Still rocking the leggings and maxi dresses.

Size of Baby? Baby Boy is measuring right around 13 inches and weighs a full 1.5 lbs. 

Gender? BOY!!

Movement? Baby Boy H is on the move every single day! His movements are no longer flutters and B and I love laying around at night feeling and watching him move. It is such an incredible (and weird!) feeling. Very cool!

Sleep? Sleep has been better the past couple of weeks and for that I am thankful!

Food Cravings? Lots of sweets but that's the norm preggers or not, haha

What I Miss? Can I have my Jimmy John's Turkey Sandwich yet?!?!

Symptoms? Nothing new to report here- feeling pretty good these days. 

Best Moments? Being able to not only feel but to see Baby Boy H move around in here is so neat! B and I have also completed furnishing the nursery. All the big stuff has been delivered and now we just have the finishing touches and decorations to take care of. It has somehow made everything real. 

Also... Baby Boy H has officially been named! We've been looking at his sonograms and his sweet, little profile and we just know who he is! As soon as we saw him and found out he was in fact a he, we both said the name we had been thinking and we've never turned back! However... We're keeping this our little secret for a little while longer ;)

Looking Forward To? We have another doc appointment in less than two weeks and we always love hearing his heartbeat. Definitely looking forward to that!

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