Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bump Update: 19 Weeks!

Sooo... we had our comprehensive ultrasound this past Monday and my due date has been moved up by a week so instead of being 18 weeks, I'm 19! I can't believe I'm almost to the halfway point... crazy! 

How Far Along? 19 weeks!

Weight Gain? 8.5 lbs... having my mom and sister in town for a visit definitely did not help me out in this department. I'm pretty sure I ate my way through the Disney parks and I know I had my fair share of cake, ice cream, and even some cookie cake. Oops! 

Maternity Clothes? Nope! I'm holding strong in my cotton dresses and leggings. 

Size of Baby? Based on our most recent ultrasound, Baby H is 9 ounces and about 6 inches head to rump. 

Gender? We are 100% certain that Baby H is a...


Movement? Another thing that I'm 100% certain about... this baby boy is on the go! My "flutters" have become more frequent and much stronger. Such an overwhelming feeling! 

Sleep? Sleep has been fine... there are still some nights that my bladder wakes me up for a quick trip to the bathroom but I have mastered the art of falling back asleep as soon as my head hits my pillow again. 

Food Cravings? This week... sweets. But I think that's because they're laying around the house so I feel that I must eat them, haha. Is that not how it works?!?!

What I Miss? Still counting down to my Jimmy John's Turkey Sandwich!

Symptoms? The only thing that has started happening on occasion is some pain in my lower abdomen/hip... apparently this is caused by my round ligament because it is stretching. I only feel it after I've been sitting a while and stand up too fast. Other than that, I've felt great! 

Best Moments? Finding out that Baby H is Baby BOY H!!!! Our ultrasound was super long and it was great to sit back and watch him move. Everything is looking and measuring great and we are so thankful for that! I honestly would not have cared if they said boy or girl... we are just praying for a healthy baby!

But... it has been fun to really start planning for Baby Boy H's arrival! We went and bought a few clothing items for fun, a couple of blankets, and we purchased our stroller! The crib should be coming in the next couple of weeks and we're really excited to get the nursery started. I am definitely a planner and like to have things organized ahead of time. My goal is to have the nursery finished by January so I can sit back and relax and enjoy the last month or so of my pregnancy.

Looking Forward To? Getting the nursery started! Baby Boy already has a name... we knew as soon as we saw him Monday during the ultrasound... but that secret is safe and sound with us! 

B and I are really feeling beyond blessed that Baby Boy H is growing fast and strong. It has been an awesome week so far and we just continue to ask for prayers for our health and for our boy!


  1. You look great and that is sooooo exciting that you found out it's a boy! I am so excited to see your nursery plans! :)

  2. You look great!! I cannot wait to hear what the baby's name is! :)

  3. Congrats on yalls sweet little boy! Half way there and you look great!

  4. congrats-so exciting!! and you look fabulous!


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