Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Name Game!

B and I are counting down the days until our next doctor's visit ( 9 to be exact!) so that we can hopefully find out if we'll be tinkled pink or blue. I give major kudos to those families that wait until the end to be surprised but I just know that it would drive me crazy... I must know so that I can plan ahead and of course decorate the nursery appropriately ;) ( I am also prepared that ultrasounds can be wrong... my brother was supposed to be a girl)! Nonetheless, it's an exciting time and B and I are ready for this next pregnancy milestone. 

Something else that has been exciting? Throwing around baby names and starting our boy and girl name lists. It is obviously still early and we have plenty of time to decide but it is crazy to think that we will be responsible for raising a human being and part of that responsibility is choosing their name... a name that they will have for the rest of their life! Craziness! 

We know we want to choose a unique name that has meaning to us... possibly a family name. There are so many choices! And though we are always looking for suggestions from our family and friends, I'm pretty sure we won't formally announce Baby H's name until he/she has come into this world and we get to formally meet him/her. I feel like when we see that sweet baby face and hold our baby in our arms, that's when we'll know with 100% certainty what we want to name our child. 

But in the mean time it has been a blast tossing around name possibilities and yell them around the house! We are trying to soak up every second of this time in our lives and baby names is definitely a fun, fun part of pregnancy. 

Let's hope that by next week we'll be able to narrow our choices down to just one list. Boy or girl?!?!

Have a great day y'all!!

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  1. As a teacher in elementary grades, let me throw this out for your consideration. If you can't find the name on a (toy) license plate at WalMart...don't name your child that!! Consider the spelling. Is it traditional or something crazy? Remember....this child is going to have to live with this name forever!

    Just a suggestion!!


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