Friday, July 8, 2011

And... I'm Back!

Oh... My... Goodness...

The past week has been so so so busy! In a good way but for the last 24 hours I have been one lazy lady.

I am now officially in CT... B is about 75 miles from being here (I can not wait to see him... I have missed him SO much!) and my mom and sis flew back to KY yesterday so today I've been able to upload some pics and get some stuff done around our new apartment!

I was very thankful that my mom and sis were able to help me get our move started. I had to be up here to finish paperwork while B finished his last couple days back at UK. Us girls drove up last Thursday... all we did that day was drive... and drive... and drive... for 14 hours! The next morning we woke up early, grabbed our Starbucks, and headed for the apartment. We set up camp and went to Ikea and Crate and Barrel for an afternoon of scouting out new furniture. Some purchases may have been made along the way ;) More on that in a later post! That night we walked Yale's campus and of course, leave it to us, we found a Frozen Yogurt place. Score!

Saturday was a day in NYC and I could not have been more excited! It was my sister's first time ever visiting the city... I knew she would love it. We got tix to see "Phantom of the Opera" in the afternoon and had a yummy dinner following the show. We shopped 5th Avenue and drug our tired lil' feet back to CT late that night.

Sunday and Monday were pretty relaxed days... mom surprised us with delicious donuts from a bakery around the corner, we looked at more furniture, we found another ice cream shop, and we enjoyed 4th of July fireworks from the comfort of my humble abode. New Haven had their fireworks display at East Rock Park this year and that is what our view is of, at the apartment... thankful we didn't have to get out and fight traffic!

Tuesday was another day in NYC... and it was AWESOME! We got tix to see Harry Potter himself (aka Daniel Radcliffe) in his show " How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". If you are planning a trip to NYC anytime soon, you MUST go see this! One of the best shows I have EVER seen... he is amazing in it... the whole show is amazing! We ate lunch at Serendipity's, took the subway to Ground Zero, and did more shopping. Hmmm... imagine that haha ;) After the show, later that night, my sis and I went to see if Harry would be exiting from the stage door... and he did! And there was a HUGE crowd filled with lots of teenage girls. It was fun though. He quickly went through the crowd and signed a number of Playbills and other items... my sis and I got a Playbill signed by him. She was floating on a cloud and I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of her trip. She called all her friends to tell them haha!

After a day at the beach it was time to pack up my fam and send them off to the Bluegrass. I've been keeping busy cleaning and getting things prepared for B's arrival tonight.

I had an awesome time on our girls trip but I am definitely looking forward to seeing my sweet hubby :)

Here's some pics from the trip:

{Yes...that is Harry Potter!!}

{Will be seeing this show again... LOVE!!}

{My yummy treat at Serendipity's. I may or may not have eaten the entire thing... don't judge!!}

{Our apartment building}

{My sis in front of Yale's library}

{Getting ready to see "Phantom"}

Have a great weekend ladies!!

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