Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update

Last week was a long one and a very emotional one. My Papa passed away...I have spent time crying and feeling overwhelmed with grief but after a lot of praying I found peace with what happened. He is with our beloved Lord and he is no longer in pain or is suffering. I am certain that he is in a better place and....he is reunited with my Mama. Mama and Papa were my mom's parents and I know this is more than difficult for her. Last week I spent a lot of time with my family....helping with parts of the service and just trying to be there for anything that they needed ! My hubby was amazing...supportive and beyond helpful to my family.

Thank you so much to all our friends and family for their love, support and many prayers during this time.

By the time Saturday rolled around, the hubby had it all taken care of and set up a relaxing weekend. First up on my agenda....a (much needed!) manicure. My new color...Teenage Dream from Katy Perry's OPI collection. I'm in love with it! B enjoyed a fun morning out on his bike....if you see him around town, say hello ;) We have been so blessed with such gorgeous weather the past few days so it's been nice to go out and about with the sunroof open and the windows down.

Saturday afternoon was SO much fun! B and I went and cheered on our CATS down at Rupp. This was B's first time going to see the CATS in action and....he LOVED it! It's official ladies....I finally turned him into a UK fan. Those of you that know B know that he went to University of Louisville for his undergrad AND med school. This is HUGE!

After the game we met my mom and sis for dinner and then headed to Orange Leaf for a yummy treat ;)

Sunday was a day full of rest...we didn't set our alarm...and we didn't wake up until after 10! When was the last time that happened?!?! I can't even remember. After a quick breakfast we did some chores around the house that had been overlooked...B had the fun task of installing a new dead bolt and it was a bigger task than what we originally thought! But he did an awesome job and the new hardware looks beautiful!

Sunday night was family dinner night with my side of the family and it was delicious! Can't believe it was warm enough to cook out! We also all gathered around the tube to catch the season opener for Amazing sure to cheer for Mallory and her dad Gary!

Well gals...that about rounds it up! I'm looking forward to a busy and productive week!

My beloved Papa! So special...

My new nail color....Teenage Dream! Adds a little Dash of Sparkle...

Go Cats! B and I at the game

My working man!

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  1. Your Papa was adorable! I so understand the special relationship with grandparents. My grandpa is one of the sweetest and wisest men I've ever known. I'm sure your Papa was an amazing man. xoxo


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