Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week's Happenings...

This week has been super, super busy and full of all kinds of fun things but my Friday is now bogged down with catching up on work and doing loads upon loads of laundry. But I had to sit for a second and blog because I have been ignoring it for far too long and I need to get back into some sort of blogging routine! 


Our week started off by trying out a new church Sunday morning and we absolutely loved it! There are a few others here in town that we've enjoyed but this one had a different feeling... it just felt right. I'm really looking forward to going again this weekend. The rest of the day I helped my hubby with his Fantasy Football... and I'm kind of hooked and I've decided that I'm totally doing it next year! The football fun was a little much for Carson to handle. I looked over and he had his monkey tucked under him taking a nap, haha. That pup is always doing funny things! He entertains me every day! 

Monday was an early morning. B and I got a little baby practice and babysat his cousin's son... he is seriously the cutest, happiest baby I have ever been around! We had a blast and got a little taste of what a day in the life of having a baby will be like... thanks for the practice Christian and Becca ;) 

Tuesday night I went to cheer on my hubby and his softball team. He joined with his cousins and uncle and it's pretty fun to go watch. The wives have matching t-shirts and I think the guys are just having fun with all of it. We're 0-2 but hey... no biggie! I'm feeling a win next week! 

Wednesday night we all went to dinner to Cheesecake Factory (yum!) and B and I came home to this little friend on our back porch window. We named him Fred. He hung out all night and caught pesky bugs but our buddy was gone in the morning. The wildlife that hangs in our neighborhood is crazy... no snake sightings yet so I'm totally fine with it! 

B and I also found this awesome table for our entryway. Thank you HomeGoods! Our house is finally starting to come together and we are so, so happy! 

But the highlight of my week was our doctor appointment yesterday morning. We got to see Baby H and he/she is healthy and growing right along. The doctor was pretty impressed with how long and skinny our baby is... if it's girl, I'm already envisioning leotards, tutu's, and dance shoes ;) I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and time is flying by and we're loving every second of this pregnancy! I'm pretty certain that next month we get to find out boy or girl... we honestly have no preference... we just want a healthy and happy baby! 

Hope y'all had a fantastic week and have an even better weekend!
Happy Friday!

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